Affiliates Wanted Worldwide: Earn 10-20% Commission Per Sale. Millions of Forex Traders Seek Reliable Forex (Currency) Trading Tools.

Important Notice!!!

We currently supply robots and signals only for live Forex trading accounts opened (only via our company) with the Forex Broker - Axiory ( Website: ). Please first contact us before you place order for any robot or signals. To monitor how our robots are trading a live Forex account, please go to:

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We welcome the opportunity to cooperate with motivated and dedicated people who trust the performance quality of our Forex robot and signal perks and would like to earn 10% commission per sale from marketing our Forex robots and signals.

#1. Each Affiliate will have a dedicated website and applicable URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for effective marketing.

#2. Each Affiliate shall receive email notification whenever someone places an order via Affiliate's website.

#3. Each Affiliate should generate no less than US$1000.00 per month in sales. The "sky" can be your limit in volume of sales.

It is very simple to generate the required minimum sales volume of US$1000.00 per month: For instance:

(a) If you refer only five customers per month and each of them orders and pays for our "EURUSD Automatic Robot" perk (US$200.00 value, each), that is a total of US$200.00*5 = US$1000.00 in sales per month.

(b) If you refer 40 (forty) Forex traders who subscribe our trading signals at US$25.00 per month, that is a total of US$25.00*40 = US$1000.00 in monthly sales.

Do you know that millions of people (both beginners and experienced Forex traders) are trading Forex everyday? And each of them needs reliable Forex trading robot(s) or signals? You can easily find these Forex traders in numerous (thousands) of Forex discussion forums worldwide.

You can also reach out to Forex traders who potentially need our Forex trading tools (robots and signals) by Twitter messaging, posting to relevant UseNet newsgroups, placing classified ads, SMS messaging, etc., etc..

Moreover, if you have a web page or website which daily attracts many visitors who likely have interest in Forex trading, you can simply place below banner on your web page or website and link back to your Affiliate website with us:

Forex Banner Ad

#4. Each Affiliate shall receive Monthly Statement of total generated sales and accrued commission on the 5th day of the new month following the previous Month of Statement.

#5. Each Affiliate shall receive payment of accrued commission on the 10th day of the new month following the previous Month of Statement. Payment of commission shall be effected by all possible international transfer routes, details of which shall be discussed with each Affiliate.

If you are interested in registering with our company as an Affiliate, and can meet the minimum requirement of US$1000.00 in sales per month, please kindly complete and submit below form, so that we can activate your Affiliate status and website within next 72hrs.

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US$2000/month (Commission Level: 12%)
US$3000/month (Commission Level: 14%)
US$4000/month (Commission Level: 16%)
US$5000/month (Commission Level: 18%)
More than US$5000/month (Commission Level: 20%)


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