High Risk Warnings

The simulated past trading results (performance) of our robots cannot be guaranteed to be same in the future. Real-time performance of our trading robot perks will vary from user to user, depending on the server parameters of the Forex Broker where the account being traded is set up. All strategy test results and data provided herein should not be used as trading guidelines or instructions. Forex is a leveraged and highly risky investment instrument. It is an intellectual business. Unless you are a well-informed trader, it is easier to lose your money in Forex than make profits. Strictest risk management is the only key to success in Forex trading. Even if you receive reliable trading signals from our robots, you can still lose your trading capital (maybe, all of your trading capital!) if you cannot control your risk appetite. Our trading signals may help you successfully trade a live Forex account, but success cannot be guaranteed if strictest risk management is ignored. Strictest risk management can be achieved only if we directly trade your capital using our robots.