Our Projects

Project #1: Automated Pocket Currency Trader

A small pocket device to help the common person (without any knowledge of currency trading) trade currencies on auto-pilot and make mega profits as long as the device remains connected to the Internet.

Currency trading is a global business which generates several trillions US Dollars in daily turnover - with proportionate high profit levels. However, it is a risky business which - up till now - is controlled by a few (approximately 5%) learned, well-informed traders who make most of the big profits; while the remaining 95% of currency traders incur the big losses.

The good news for the common person (who would also wish to make extra income from trading currencies part-time) is: after five years (effective 2008) of intensive researches and hard work, our small company has successfully developed highly sophisticated, fully reliable automated currency trading systems (robots) that can help the common person start trading currencies with the least possible knowledge, starting with a little amount of money (at least US$250.00 initial trading capital) and gradually turning this little investment into mega profits.

By channelling all trading signals from our robots to a small device to be named "Automated Pocket Currency Trader" and automatically linking this device to user's live (real) trading account with a Forex Broker, we shall totally free the common person (without any prior experience in currency trading) from the hassles and headaches of having to learn the technical and fundamental factors which govern the Forex market, while ensuring 100% successful currency trading by remotely tapping into the resources' pool of our currency trading robots, with fully automated control of trading by our robots - as long as the "Automated Pocket Currency Trade"r remains switched on with perfect connection to the Internet.

The user of the Automated Pocket Currency Trader can at any time check open trading positions (but without the possibility to intervene in the trading process), dynamic profit/loss on open positions, accrued profits; withdraw or deposit funds, and go about his/her normal daily routine without digging into the economic and political basics of currency trading.

Live demonstration of currency trading capabilities of our robots, as well as the profit-making potentials of currency trading, can be witnessed and assessed at these links: link1 and link2.

We are convinced that our small device - Automated Pocket Currency Trader - can help any common person (without any initial knowledge of currency trading) make extra income (part-time) from trading currencies - without having to open his computer or study the Forex market and how to use MetaTrader4/5 trading terminal. The user shall only need to follow the device's simple usage instructions.

We expect to have a prototype and first batch of the "Automated Pocket Currency Trader" ready within three (3) months from moment we reach our project funding goal of US$1M-2M.

1 unit of "Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$750.00

2 units of "Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$1,400.00 (US$700 ea)

5 units of "Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$3,250.00 (US$650 ea)

10 units of "Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$6,000.00 (US$600 ea)

20 units of "Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$11,000.00 (US$550 ea)

50 units of "Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$25,000.00 (US$500 ea)

100 units of "Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$47,500.00 (US$475 ea)

500 units of "Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$225,000 (US$450 ea)

1000 units of Automated Pocket Currency Trader": US$400,000.00 (US$400 ea)

We have started accepting orders for this device in order to meet our funding targets for this project. If you are ready to place your order now to support our project funding goals, please contact us for payment instructions.

WESTERN UNION Bank Account Deposit (Direct to Bank Service).

International wire/SWIFT transfer.